RDS. Dublin. 25.10.18

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Your brand needs a compelling, engaging presence on social media. So come and hear from the people who are leading the current wave of innovation at Social Media Live. They’ll show you how the changes that are here, and those that are coming, are an opportunity to reach and engage new audiences. Join the discussion, meet the speakers, or just soak up the knowledge you won’t find easily anywhere else. 


09:00 - Doors open


09:30 - Opening remarks

David Nihill, FunnyBizz, MC


09:40 - Context, storytelling, and future-proof metrics: a whistle-stop tour from the front line of video

What you’ll learn: How video is shaking up the traditional marketing model - and how to measure the impact. 

It's never been a more exciting time to be in business. It's never been a more exciting time to work on video. By 2022, 89% of the worlds internet traffic will be video. While everything you learned about marketing still applies, there are some things we need to lean into to make sure we are moving in the right direction in the future. All aboard.

Elaine Doyle, YouTube


10:05 - Where social media goes from here

What you’ll learn: Some home truths – things aren’t going to be easy, but you can continue to grow. The difficult second album.

The Head of Paid Social for one of the world's largest media agency networks reveals the single biggest challenge facing anyone who wants to grow with social media.

Katie Manor, MediaCom


10:30 - Growing with your followers: the new breed of influencer

What you’ll learn: If you work for a business or brand, learn the inner workings of successful brand/influencer relationships.

And if you’re an aspiring influencer or YouTube star, hear from the guy who’s been there, done it, and is doing it again. Music to your ears.

Alfie Deyes is one of the biggest YouTube stars in the UK. One half of Britain's influencer power couple, with his girlfriend Zoe Sugg (Zoella), his YouTube channels have amassed over 11 million subscribers, along with his 4 million Instagram and 5.5 million Twitter followers. He's written 4 bestselling books and regularly appears on primetime TV shows...all at the tender age of 25. So why has he recently launched his own content management agency?

Alfie Deyes, social media talent

In conversation with Jess Kelly, Newstalk


11:00 - Break


11:15 - {Insert brand here} - getting influencer marketing right

What you’ll learn: How to know who to entrust your brand to. It’s like signing with the right record label.

Influencer marketing, once dismissed as a fad, is now a key part of the marketing mix for many brands. That does not make it a guarantee of marketing success, however. How can you make influencer marketing work in a way that benefits your brand long after the video has been posted?

Luke Townsin, Whalar

Chris Davis, Gleam Futures

Jennifer Quigley-Jones, Digital Voices 


11:45 - You just don't get me: debunking the persistent myths about Generation Z

What you’ll learn: The new generation aren’t just consumers - they’re actually shaping the future of social. It’s not just rock’n’roll anymore.

Millennials are old news. Next to arrive on the scene is ‘Generation Z’, a demographic born from the late 90s onwards. Having grown up with YouTube influencers, front-facing cameras, and digital fluency from an early age, they’re now making their mark on how social platforms are developing. So, what is different about the digital media habits of this age group, which could be considered the first truly ‘digitally native’ generation?

Mícheál Nagle, Paddy Power

Katie Manor, MediaCom

Donagh Humphreys, Thinkhouse/The Youth Lab

Verena Papik, TuneMoji


12:15 - Keeping up with social video: what's next?

What you’ll learn: The importance of video for your business and how to do it socially. Video is killing the radio star all over again.

The stats don't lie. Video content gets twelve times more shares than text and images COMBINED. It is vital, therefore, that you get it right and are aware of what is coming next. Enter Jungle Creations.

Jana Damanhouri, Jungle Creations


12:40 - Lunch


13:30 - Stop talking, start listening: what social media listening can teach you about your customers

What you’ll learn: Actionable takeaways that will allow you to immediately start implementing what you've learned. Do you hear what I hear?

Customer feedback is centuries old, but the advent of social media has led to significant increases in the volume of feedback now available to us. It has also marked a shift in how we get customer feedback – you no longer need to ask for it, instead you can simply listen to what customer are telling you publicly online. In his keynote, Olytico's Stephen O’Leary will take attendees through seven key pillars of social media listening – with relevance to those at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of social media strategy. 

Stephen O'Leary, Olytico


13:55 - Validation and measurement: can you believe the numbers?

What you’ll learn: What success REALLY looks like. Make sure you’re top of the right chart.

What are the key metrics to measure success for an online campaign? Is there a solution to the lack of consensus around verifiable measurement? The Head of Marketing for martech unicorn Sprinklr wades into the debate.

Grad Conn, Sprinklr


14:20 - Tips, techniques, and trends on social

What you’ll learn: How to entertain your audience online. Make them laugh and they’ll love you. And remember to play the hits.

Best known for his comedy work from The Day Today and I'm Alan Partridge through to films such as The Death Of Stalin, actor, writer, director, and social media obsessive David Schneider shares top tips, techniques, and learnings for cutting through on social drawn from his company's award-winning work with brands and broadcasters such as Channel 4, B&Q, and National Geographic. Tips may include whether it's acceptable to say 'learnings'.

David Schneider, That Lot


14:45 - What’s coming next?

What you’ll learn: We’ll help you look round the corner to the future of social media and plan ahead to make it work for you. The best bands are masters at staying relevant.

Three of those working at the cutting edge of social media discuss what the future holds. What platforms will we be using in five years time, what role will China play in shaping this future, and which of the current platforms will be gone?

Matt Navarra, digital and social media consultant

Blathnaid Healy, CNN Digital International

Grad Conn, Sprinklr

Moderated by Andy O'Donoghue, Today FM


15:15 - Social media - platforms or media companies?

What you’ll learn: Which platforms are doing enough to keep the trust of your audience.
Make sure your music’s on the right playlist.

With continuing pressure on platforms to regulate the content they display, can the social media giants continue to deny their publisher responsibilities? What does all this mean for trust online and where brands should be placing their budgets?

Nic Newman, Reuters Institute for Journalism


15:40 - Believe in something: staying true to your brand on social in politically charged times

What you’ll learn: How easy it is to get distracted from your own brand focus. Avoid operating under the influence. Dance to your own tune.

Getting your voice right online is easier said than done. The tone and personality has to represent who your brand is and needs to be relevant for each chosen platform. At a time when society has become more politically charged, there can be an expectation for your brand to "have an opinion" - but should it? The Digital Marketing Manager at Three Ireland gives his take.

Cian McDonagh, Three Ireland

Andy O'Donoghue, Today FM


16:10 - Trust: storytelling, the New York Times way

What you’ll learn: Amazing new ways to use AR and VR to tell your brand story online. And the importance of it. Because cassette tapes are so 1992.

Our final talk is from a true pioneer. Malachy Browne is a Senior Story Producer at The New York Times, where he specializes in an innovative form of visual investigation that combines the forensic analysis of eyewitness content and open source reporting with traditional reporting. He has led multiple award-winning investigations for The New York Times, which have included identifying Turkish security guards who assaulted protesters a mere mile from the White House, tracking bombs made in Italy that killed children in Yemen, and reconstructing the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Malachy Browne, The New York Times


16:35 - Closing remarks

David Nihill, FunnyBizz, MC